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By Alana Campbell

Keynote Address

Xiye Bastida will give the Keynote Address at our 2020 Seminar, All In For Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet. Read more about Xiye Bastida.

About 2020 Keynote

The time has almost come for the 2020 UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar! With only two weeks left to register, participants have a lot to look forward to. Gathering from all over the United States and Canada, youth and adults with a shared passion for and commitment to international human rights will come together for an amazing three-day seminar to discuss climate justice and how to be a global activist.

This year, the UU-UNO is ALL IN to achieve climate justice: centering this event around a movement that aims to be all interdependent, all intergenerational, all indigenous-led, all intersectional, and all international. Participating youth and adults can look forward to a cross-cutting three days where they’ll be talking about every facet of climate justice, because climate change affects more than just the climate! We have events like Climate Impacts & Identity,” a workshop on the ways in which climate change affects different groups of people; and “Direct Action for Climate Justice,” on how to engage in peaceful opposition to threats to democracy regarding climate justice; already planned along with a bunch more (try to contain your excitement)! But, don’t worry about getting burned out; we’ve built worship times into the daily schedules to give participants some time to ground themselves and come together.

Collaboration Group meets for small-group discussion during the 2019 UU-UNO Seminar

Collaboration group at the 2019 Intergenerational Spring Seminar. These small group meetings allow participants to reflect and to process what they are learning.

This year’s theme, All in For Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet, focuses on the key parts of this fight. Climate change is a human rights issue that affects our health, our homes and our freedom; people are to blame for the damage being done to our planet’s ecosystems, but we are also the only ones who can resolve it. We have the power to reduce the impacts of climate change that typically hurt marginalized groups. This power must be used to elevate the peoples marginalized by a worsening climate condition when they suffer due to lack of the resources needed to adapt to a changing world. We were only given one planet to live on. We must learn to use our power to take care of Earth so we can live healthily and happily. These are just some of the valuable lessons that participants can look forward to hearing about during this year’s seminar!

For participants with dietary restrictions, don’t worry! Something super exciting is the all-vegan menu we’ll be serving. Plenty of studies have shown that eating a plant-based diet, even just one day each week, can do more for the planet than switching to an entirely local diet. So, in the spirit of climate justice and saving some of our furry and feathery friends, we eat meat- and dairy-free! Participants are encouraged to read our Preparing for Seminar page for more information. We’re already so excited about this year’s seminar here at the UU-UNO and we can’t wait to see all the participants. These are going to be a great few days, so everyone should get ready to make some new friends, worship, and learn!

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About the Author

Alana Campbell

Alana Campbell is a gender equity intern at the UU-UNO and an undergraduate student at Fordham University. She is studying International Studies and Arabic and has a strong interest in women’s rights and health.


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