Preparing to Attend the Spring Seminar

Plans for the 2021 Seminar are still under development. Please check back: This page will be updated as details are finalized. Read about the 2020 event to get a sense of what you might expect.

Online-Only Event

Amidst the global disarray caused by the novel coronavirus, we recognize that the biggest threat to life as we know it is our planet’s changing climate that will make disease outbreaks even more common and dangerous. The urgency of this year’s Intergenerational Spring Seminar on climate justice is not diminished and as such the Planning Committee is working on creating an online-only event. The programming in this virtual gathering will be different from what we could do in person, and it presents us with an exciting opportunity to explore how to be in relationship and learn together even when we can’t be in the same room. Importantly, holding an online-only event will also lower our carbon footprint and can allow us to reach people in new ways. The virtual event will take place during the time originally slotted for the 2020 Seminar: April 16-18; check out the Programs and Schedule page for details as they come together.

Technical Requirements for Virtual Seminar

The webinar platform we will use is Zoom, which you can download from Zoom offers computer, tablet and phone versions of their software. They have a great support and help section to answer questions on their website.

To fully participate in the meeting you will need a computer with internet access and good speakers or headphones. We recommend that if you are participating individually that you use a headset to prevent feedback when speaking.

A camera on your computer so we can see you is a bonus, but not required to participate. If your internet connection is weak, turning off your video helps stabilize the connection.

Closer to the event, we will send all registrants instructions for accessing the seminar's Zoom rooms.

In order to help ensure the security of the Zoom rooms, you must join the meetings via the Zoom app (rather than by phone) and must ensure that your displayed name matches the name you provided at registration. Again, more detailed instructions will be emailed to all registrants closer to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered already to attend the in-person Seminar in NYC. Do I need to register again?

Yes! All registrants have had their registration payment refunded and will need to register again at the new form in order to participate.

I am a youth attendee. Do I need an adult Youth Sponsor for the online event?

No! You are welcome to register to attend and do not need a Sponsor. Please see our webpage with Information for Youth Attendees for more.

Do I need a Zoom account in order to participate?

No. You only need to download the Zoom app, which does not require a Zoom account.

Do I need to download the Zoom app in order to participate?

Yes. For the sake of security, everyone must join the Zoom meetings via the app.

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What's the Spring Seminar?

This short (<5mins) video provides an introduction to what the UU@UN's Intergenerational Spring Seminar is all about! Created as a Pop Talk to be shown at 2018 LREDA Fall Conference.

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