Preparing to Come to the Spring Seminar
Preparing to Attend the Spring Seminar
International Engagement & Building Peace

The UU@UN and 2020 Planning Committee have made the decision to move this year’s Intergenerational Spring Seminar to a virtual event rather than an in-person one, due to the current threat posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Amidst the global disarray caused by the novel coronavirus, we recognize that the biggest threat to life as we know it is our planet’s changing climate that will make disease outbreaks even more common and dangerous. The urgency of this year’s Intergenerational Spring Seminar on climate justice is not diminished and as such the Planning Committee is working on creating an online-only event. The programming in this virtual gathering will be different from what we could do in person, and it presents us with an exciting opportunity to explore how to be in relationship and learn together even when we can’t be in the same room. Importantly, holding an online-only event will also lower our carbon footprint and can allow us to reach people in new ways. The virtual event will take place during the time originally slotted for the 2020 Seminar: April 16-18. We don’t have many details yet but we will keep this webpage updated as they are developed. Check out the Programs and Schedule page for details about that.

The whole UU@UN team is extremely sorry about the impact that this cancellation has on those who have booked flights or other travel that may not be fully refundable. We deeply regret that we are unable to offset the costs of travel cancellations. The UUA’s travel agent, ProTravel, has provided an overview of specific airlines’ policies which may be helpful in determining your specific case. See the Travel page for further details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered already to attend the in-person Seminar in NYC. Do I need to register again?

Yes! All registrants have had their registration payment refunded and will need to register again at the new form in order to participate.

I am a youth attendee. Do I need an adult Youth Sponsor for the online event?

No! You are welcome to register to attend and do not need a Sponsor. Please see our webpage with Information for Youth Attendees for more. 

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