Preparing to Come to the Spring Seminar
Preparing to Come to the Spring Seminar
International Engagement & Building Peace

The details on this page pertain to the 2019 Intergenerational Spring Seminar. In anticipation of the 2020 Seminar, feel free to take a look at what to expect generally; this page will be updated as new details emerge for the coming year.

These are the things you'll need to know before arriving at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office's Intergenerational Spring Seminar:

Programs and Schedule

Check out our programs and schedule webpage.

Before arriving, be sure to read and spend time pondering the Pre-Seminar Assignment! This will be discussed during the initial meetings of the Collaboration Groups on Thursday morning, and will give you a good grounding as you begin to think about the topics to be addressed throughout the Seminar.

Arriving at Spring Seminar

Spring Seminar will begin for Youth and their Sponsors at 7pm on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at Hostelling International NY in Manhattan (891 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY, 10025). Contrary to previous years, dinner will not be provided on Wednesday so please plan accordingly. 

Programming for all other participants will begin at 8:45am on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at the Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist (40 E 35th St, New York, NY 10016). Please arrive ahead of time to check in at the registration table in the Lobby. Signs and volunteers will point the way. 


The Spring Seminar will conclude at 1pm on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at Community Church. Those staying at the hostel will bring their baggage to the church and should plan on departing from there. 


The UU-UNO is excited that this year we are planning on holding events at various venues in the city, including the Community Church of New York and at the United Nations. NYC is a walking city so please bring comfortable shoes and be prepared for walking like a true New Yorker.  

On the day of the Theme Panel at the United Nations, we will travel from Community Church to the UN. It is about a 20-minute walk. Other accommodations will be arranged as needed for those unable to walk that distance. If this applies to you, please contact unitednations [at] uua [dot] org to be added to our shuttle list.

The UU-UNO will provide Metro Cards to participants staying at the hostel so that they can travel via the NYC Subway system to and from the east side of the city for the events at the Community Church and the United Nations. The NYC Subway system with be the main mode of transportation; other accommodations will be arranged as needed for those unable to walk/take the subway. 

Youth will travel with their Sponsors in Travel Squads which will be assigned prior to the start of the seminar. Travel Squads will include at least two Sponsors, at least one of whom is familiar enough with New York City to help guide the group through the subway system.

United Nations Headquarters

The 2019 Planning Committee is grateful to be partnering with the Permanent Missions of Ireland and Bangladesh to the United Nations in order to hold our Theme Panel inside the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday, April 11. In order to access the UN HQ, all participants must bring a government-issued ID card. This applies to participants of all ages.


Youth, sponsors, and young adults lodging at the hostel will have breakfast provided. Other meals provided for all participants include both Lunch and Dinner on Thursday, April 11, as well as Lunch on Friday, April 12. Registrants were asked to provide details about any dietary restrictions when they registered and these have been taken into account in the catering order.

All Vegetarian Menu: All meals served during the seminar will be meat-free. Studies have found that we can do more for the planet by going meat-free, even just one day per week, than by switching to an entirely local diet. The UN's Environment Programme states one of the "key actions" to produce more food with less pollution involves "lowering personal consumption of animal protein" as well as "a shift from animal based protein to plant based protein.” So in keeping with the UUA's 2011 Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice, we have planned a menu of delicious food that spares animals and protects our planet.  


All Youth and their sponsors, as well as Young Adult participants, will lodge in dorm rooms at Hostelling International, New York. See below for more information on the HI New York hostel.

All other participants are responsible for finding their own accommodations. We recommend using a site like or to reserve affordable lodging. YMCA Guest Rooms (found around Manhattan) offer some affordable lodging as well, such as:

We can also suggest looking into housing through the Guest Rooms at Union Theological Seminary.

If you wish to find a roommate, we recommend posting on the Facebook event Equity in Action: Gender in an Intersecting World to see if anyone else is looking as well!

Accommodations at HI New York

The UU-UNO has reserved a block of rooms at HI New York where youth and their sponsors, as well as young adult participants, will spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights of the Seminar. This is included in the cost of registration (except for those young adults who opt out of staying at the hostel). The hostel dorms have 8-12 twin bunk beds in gender-exclusive rooms (these reserved rooms will just be for our group). When registering, youth and sponsors will select whether they will stay in a male, female, or multigender room. Youth and their sponsors will be assigned rooms, with at least two adult Youth Sponsors to each room.

All Young Adults who are not sponsoring youth will be assigned a twin bed in a room separate from Youth and Sponsors. We have reserved a co-ed room for Young Adults and may be able to add additional gender-specific rooms, depending on interest from Young Adult participants.

Each dorm bed features a privacy barrier, personal locker, shelf, charging station, and individual lamp. Hostel guests may use their own lock or purchase one at the front desk. The hostel provides all guests with complimentary linen and towels - sleeping bags are not permitted at the hostel.

Restrooms are located on each floor and include private shower and toilet stalls, and common sinks. There is one women's and one men's restroom on each floor which are shared with other hostel lodgers.

Packing and Attire

Respectful dress is expected throughout the Seminar - please be sure to pack a business-casual outfit to wear on Thursday (April 11) for the trip to the United Nations Headquarters!

  • Clothes for three days and three nights. (Remember your pajamas!)
  • Shower shoes (especially if staying at hostel)
  • One set of nice clothes (business casual) to wear for the session at the United Nations (on Thursday).
  • Government-issued photo ID (required for entrance to the UN Headquarters)
  • Toiletries
  • Jacket and umbrella (check the weather)
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Camera
  • Cell phone
  • Snacks
  • Spending money (We estimate $50 will be enough; you will have to pay for two meals and you may like to go on a UN tour ($20) and check out the gift shop. Youth/sponsors may want to bring extra money for “Youth Night on the Town”)

Youth, Sponsors, and Young Adults staying at HI New York: towels and bed-linens will be provided by the hostel. Sleeping bags are not permitted. If you wish, please bring a lock if you have one for the dorm lockers at the hostel - otherwise you may purchase one from the front desk.

For more information contact

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