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UUA International Blog Archive
International Engagement & Building Peace
  • International U/U Council Calls, ANSWER Responds

    One of the best things about the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) global conferences is the opportunity to connect with other Unitarians & Unitarian Universalists from around the world. To be able to hear and even sometimes see how they live our...
    By Sara Ascher | 3/30/2018
  • I Join with the Youth to Appeal for Abolition

    Content warning: this post includes graphic descriptions of the effects of the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima that may be traumatic for some readers. We feel it is important to read these stories in order to capture the real human impact of nuclear weapons. ...
    By Joanne Dufour | 3/28/2018
    Filed in: Disarmament
  • Amazing Grace: The Role of the Holy See in the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

    On July 7, 2017 a United Nations Conference approved a new treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Adopted by a vote of 122 for, 1 against, 1 abstention, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons requires that parties to the treaty “undertake never under any circumstances to...
    By Joanne Dufour | 3/14/2018
    Filed in: Disarmament
  • Forced Migration due to Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

    A panel discussion on forced migration due to oppression based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) was organized on February 13, 2018 at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City. This program was organized to bring awareness amongst the general public...
    By Longjam Singh | 3/7/2018

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