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  • Photostream from Transylvanian Bishop's Installation

    On March 6, 2009 the 31st Bishop of the Transylvanian Unitarian Church - Reverend Balint Benczedi Ferenc - was installed during a ceremony at the Unitarian Church in Kolozsvár. Bishop Balint Installation Photos by Rev. Molnar Lehel
    By Eric Cherry | 3/29/2009
  • A Serious Accountability Problem

    This entry was written by Diana Sands, LGBT Program Associate at the Unitarian Universalist UN Office . From civil rights to human rights, what is at stake is humanity and dignity for all: the oppressed, their oppressors, and the spectators. Here I want to compare traditionally...
    By Eric Cherry | 3/25/2009
  • Witness: Human Rights and the Arts

    I often find myself wading through history’s blood-stained swamp of violence in search of fleeting sources of hope. This experience speaks more, I believe, to the way in which history is recorded than to the human condition itself. For the very act of canonizing authoritative...
    By Eric Cherry | 3/10/2009
  • International Convocation of UU Women

    Nearly 600 Unitarians, Unitarian Universalists, and progressive people of faith from approximately 20 countries gathered in Houston, Texas for the First International Convocation of UU Women from Thursday, February 26th through Sunday, March 1st. The theme of the Convocation was...
    By Eric Cherry | 3/4/2009

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