About General Assembly 2007 Online

GA Web Reporting Team.
The 46th Annual General Assembly (GA) has been brought from Portland, Oregon, to your home/ office/ café/ etc. by the tireless work of many dedicated staff and volunteers! (Just in case the natural high of being at GA starts to wear off, we stock up on plenty of snacks—healthy and otherwise—to maintain that "tireless" effect.)

Over 20 volunteers and Unitarian Universalist Association staff attended GA events, wrote articles, got permission to put handouts and transcripts of events on the web, made videotapes (live and recorded), and passed everything to the Office of Electronic Communication to post on this year's GA 2007 website. The group worked out of a meeting room in the Doubletree Hotel filled with computers, digital cameras, video equipment, gummy bears, and zillions of cables.

If you have a submission you'd like to add to our coverage or have questions about GA Online, please email GAWeb@uua.org.

GA 2007 Web Team

Editor in Chief: *Deborah Weiner
Official GA Photographer: Nancy Pierce
UUA Assistant Website Director: *Julie Albanese
UUA Electronic Media Coordinator: *Kasey Melski
Assignment Editor: Dan Harper
Video Staff Lead: Mark Gibbons
Web Team Photographer: H. Fred Garcia
Lead Editor: Pat Emery
Consulting Editor: Jone Johnson Lewis
"GAdding About" Blogger: Doug Muder
Plenary Reporter: *Lisa Presley
Audio Postcards: Krissa Palmer
Video Team: Lance Brown, Jeff Philip, Lance Rochelle
Reporting Team: Dean Goddette, Kok Heong McNaughton, Mike McNaughton,
Rick Merritt, Rebecca Kelly-Morgan, Doug Muder, Allan Stern
Technical Consultants: John Levine, *Mark Steinwinter, *Scott Thomson, *Margy Levine Young
UUA Public Relations Director: *Janet Hayes
UUA Communciations Director: *John Hurley

*denotes UUA staff member