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All General Assembly Youth Worship, 2002

General Assembly 2002 Event 4035

General Assembly Youth worshipers poignantly expressed themselves in an experiential service following Stephen Lewis’ Ware Lecture. Although the two were not coordinated, they meshed very well.

The themes of Lewis’ speech focused on desperation, frustration, powerlessness, and anger. The Youth Worship began with a Poem called "A Just Anger." Passing the microphone, five youths gathered around a chalice one-by-one bearing witness to injustices they have experienced as females, blacks, or as people disenfranchised from the political process.

A reader followed with a passage with the words "Give me courage." The congregation, seated on the floor were then asked to scream out about anything which made them angry. Spontaneously they responded and the effect was startling. Words and emotion culminated into a collective response.

Seeking closure on the intense experience, the youths invited the congregation to rinse their hands, and rinse out their anger.

Reported by Caroline Jondahl.