Benefit Details for Dental Insurance

Guardian Dental PPO

The UUA has access to the DentalGuard Preferred Network. You can see any dentist, but will pay less if you choose a PPO network dentist.

Calendar Year Deductible

  • Individual Deductible: $75
  • Family limit: $225 (3 per family)

Plan Details

Annual Maximum Rollover (PDF) allowed, Rollover Threshold: $700, Rollover Amount: $350

Find an in-network dentist, print an ID card, learn how to use your plan, get the mobile app, and find other useful tools at Guardian Anytime

Dependent Eligibility

Your spouse/domestic partner or unmarried child except:

  • A person in the military or armed forces
  • A person covered under this plan as an employee
  • A person who lives outside the United States or Canada
  • A dependent child age 26 years old or older