Switching from the CPT Bootstrap Carousel to the MetaSlider Plugin

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The UUA Theme (version 1.3.0) now supports the widely-used MetaSlider plugin. You may continue to use the CPT Bootstrap Carousel plugin, but we recommend switching to MetaSlider which is well supported and highly rated.

The CPT Bootstrap Carousel wasn't actively maintained for years, which prompted the need to find this replacement.


To replace the carousel on the homepage, you first create a MetaSlider slideshow and then configure the homepage to show it. Follow these instructions to install MetaSlider and create your slideshow.

Then, display your slideshow on the homepage:

  1. From the Dashboard, choose Appearance › Customize. You see the customization page for the homepage.
  2. Click the little blue pencil icon near the upper left of the carousel. The settings for the Home 1 widget area appear in the left sidebar of the screen. (See Configuring Your Congregation's Homepage for details.)
  3. Remove any existing widget and add a MetaSlider widget.
  4. Select the slideshow you want to display.
  5. Click Publish to update the homepage.