Embedding a Live Stream of Your Service

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If your congregation live-streams your service, you may be able to embed a video player of the stream in a page on your website. Rather than sending folks to Facebook, YouTube, or another site, it's great to display the video player right on a WordPress page, along with the text of the order of service.

Refer to A Guide to Streaming Sunday Services, Meetings, and Classes for how to live-stream a service.

How to Embed Live Video

How to embed a video player with your live-streaming video depends on which service you use.

YouTube Live: To embed, click the Text tab when editing the text of a page, to switch to Text rather than Visual editing. Paste in the URL of the YouTube video. YouTube links can be in a couple of different formats, so be sure to use this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1b2c3d4

Zoom: You can install the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin. It's brand-new and we haven't tested it. Please let us know if you use it.

Facebook Live: Here is an article on ways to embed a Facebook video, but it doesn't appear to work with a live streaming video until the event is over. This free service appears to solve that issue.

Other Recommendations

Make a page on the site with instructions for watching the service, and use this same page every Sunday so people always know where to go. If you embed a player, always put it on this page. Make the URL short and memorable (e.g., example.com/live).

Consider posting the order of service on the page below the player.

After the service, you can copy the player and the order of service to the Service page for that Sunday.