A Guide to Streaming Sunday Services, Meetings, and Classes

graphic with dozens of human avatars in a network

Today's technology gives our congregations many options to connect our members and friends! Even though nothing can compare to face-to-face human interaction, there are many situations where we can use the internet to connect our people:

  • Online evening meetings so that parents with younger children and elders who avoid driving at night can participate.
  • Faith Development courses as webinars during the week where people would have long commutes to church.
  • Live-streaming Sunday services or other events for the travelers, snow-birds and others who can't physically make it to church.
  • Storytimes and other interactive programs for families with small children.
  • Hangouts or small group ministry using a web conferencing service.
  • Alternate ways of using technology for worship during inclement weather, quarantine or other situations where no one can get to the church building but we need community more than ever.

This e-book is a work-in-progress to help your leaders navigate technology and share ideas to help your congregation keep your people connected! This means we are publishing pages even if they are incomplete, and will update them with new information and your suggestions.

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