Streaming to Facebook Live

Vintage movie camera with Facebook logo and the word "live" on a decal

The easiest way to stream a worship service is to use a phone or tablet, Wi-Fi, and Facebook Live, which is the simplest streaming system to use. (YouTube is also simple, but they now require that your YouTube channel have at least 1,000 subscribers to be allowed to stream from a mobile device.)

You will need:

  • A phone (or tablet with Wi-Fi) with the Facebook app logged in to an account that is an administrator of your congregation’s public Facebook page

  • External battery or extension cord, so the phone doesn’t run out of battery while streaming

  • A tripod mount for your phone and a tripod of some sort (full-size or little table-top one) so no one has to hold the phone for the entire service

  • A second phone, tablet, or computer for a “tech usher” to use to monitor the Facebook page and answer questions from people online

Run a test before your first Sunday service, with your “Videocaster” running the phone or tablet that is streaming and the “tech usher” in another room, or in the sanctuary with over-the-ears headphones so they can hear only the sound from their device.

Diagram showing how to set up a smart phone for streaming

For hardware setup details, see Streaming Sunday Services - Technical Tips.