Plans to upgrade the theme with Gutenberg Block editing etc.

By Gary Guss
February 19, 2022, 12:22 am EST

With the advent of Block editing is there any plan to update the theme to accomodate the Gutenberg Block editor or at least a plan to update the Service Plugin to work independently of the theme so we can use it when using themes that support full site editing ? This is the second time I'm posting this question..

Gary Guss

Allpeoples Louisville, KY

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I have been using the Block Editor on multiple UU websites for the past several years. Here's how I make it work with the Services plugin conflict.

Install the Classic Editor plugin.

In the settings for the plugin (Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing), select "allow the user to switch editors."

This way, you can use the Block Editor on the site but switch to Classic Editor when you are working on the Services posts.