Is it possible to make some pages not appear in the lefthand menu?

By Jim Gasperini
November 19, 2015, 1:48 pm EST

I'd like to have some pages not display in the lefthand menu, but display that menu on those pages. Is this possible with the automatically-generated menu? I suppose I could replicate the menu and create a new template in which to display those pages, but if there is a simpler way that would be great.

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sarahm wrote years ago:

  • Jim, yes, you can edit what shows up in the menu. At the bottom of this page it says:
  • If you want to override that menu, you can add a menu in the left-hand-sidebar widget area.
  • To do that: while you're logged in as administrator, go to Appearance > Widgets. Under the heading Available Widgets click Custom Menu. Choose Left Sidebar for its location, and build it from there. Good luck!

JimGasperini wrote:

Thanks, Sarah, for this suggestion. What I want is to use the automatically-generated menu on most pages, but replace it with a custom menu on others. I think the method you describe would replace it everywhere.
It turns out there are many plugins that give you the kind of control over sidebars I'm looking for.

JimGasperini wrote:

Hello again -- It seems I spoke too soon. I have now tried three different highly-rated plugins designed to allow placing custom sidebars on selected pages. None of them seem to be able to override the automatically- generated menu. Is there something about the way this menu is coded that makes it impervious to replacement? If I want custom menus only an certain pages, will I need to forego the convenience of the automatically-generated menu and create custom menus for all my pages?