Clearances for Pennsylvania Events

Recently, significant legislation was enacted, changing how Pennsylvania responds to child abuse. These changes significantly impact the reporting, investigation, assessment, prosecution and judicial handling of child abuse and neglect cases.

In order to work, volunteer, or advise youth in the state of Pennsylvania, all are required to obtain clearances which include the following:

Out of State Residents

If you are serving as an adult at a CER youth event and live outside of the state of PA we require a copy of a background check completed by your home congregation. This allows us to comply with the stipulations for "non-resident volunteers."

Can you get a PA clearance? Absolutely. Follow the instructions above for the two online checks and below to get fingerprinted (since by definition you haven't lived in PA for the last ten years).

Submitting Clearances

When a congregation approves an adult to attend CER youth events the online form allows them to securely transmit copies of your clearances and background checks. These are stored on a secure server and only viewed by necessary staff. This form is usually filled out by one's Religious Educator or Minister who will need copies of your clearances for your volunteering at your home congregation.

Fingerprinting Instructions

It is easiest, for residents and non-residents, to do this in person. PA is changing their system to do this. Click this website. The current code for DHS Volunteers is 1KG6ZJ. But you can confirm this by looking up the code on this website.

If we find a way to get fingerprinted from a distance we will put those instructions here.