Where are the Young Adults with Children?

By Ted Resnikoff

This post originally appears on Peter Bowden's blog, UUPlanet. - Ed.

Why you aren’t reaching young adults and families with children

June 13, 2013 By Peter Bowden 1 Comment The following guest post is by Kelly Mahler, a former 3D artist, SAHM (stay-at-home mother), Unitarian Universalist since 2007, and member of the UU Growth Lab on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your experience and suggestions, Kelly! I totally relate as a parent of a young child. 11am? Uh, that’s lunch time! ~ Peter While reading the UU Growth lab on Facebook, I came across a post that caught my attention. The question asked was, “How can we more effectively reach out to and involve young adults and families with children as fully participating congregants?” I don’t often participate in these online discussions, but this topic was something near and dear to me, considering I’m one of those young parents many UU churches refer to. Having been a former board member in my twenties, and now quickly closing in on my thirties (with a toddler in tow), I wanted to share my experience and perspective regarding how my involvement with my own UU church has changed over time and why those changes have happened. Read Kelly's 8 arguments, and the rest of Peter's post on UUPlanet, here.