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Row of young adults stand in front of music stands.  One plays violin, four sing, and another plays guitar.

The Sanctuary Boston and Young Adults@General Assembly co-lead evening worship at First Unitarian Providence during General Assembly 2014

Young Adults (ages 18-35)

Young adults engage our faith by living authentically, creating connections, and seeking personal and social transformation.

In congregations, in young adult groups and campus ministries, in virtual communities and at camps and conferences, Unitarian Universalist (UU) young adults are getting spiritually recharged, building relationships and exploring what meaningful adulthood looks like.

What’s in an age?

Navigating adulthood is challenging whether you’re finding your first apartment, starting a new job, moving away from your childhood home, exploring a committed relationship or raising children. Navigating adulthood without spiritual grounding and community is even harder. Unitarian Universalism has tools for you to bring on your journey, whether you are learning about it for the first time or want to plug into UU young adult community.

We celebrate our differences

Unitarian Universalist (UU) young adults are diverse!  We work to end racism and oppression in our society and to make our communities inclusive for folks of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities and abilities.  UUs come from many cultures and class backgrounds, and we bring many spiritual practices and beliefs as we continue to form our complex identities.

How to Get Involved


Visit a UU congregation near you; find a campus ministry or young adult group; go to a UU young adult event or training; join a Facebook group for young adults, connect with our Facebook page, blog Blue BoatTwitter, email list, newsletter or in virtual community with other seekers.


Start a young adult group with quick tips (PDF) and in-depth engagement (PDF), listen and share on important issues with a small group of like-minded young adults, get materials, quick tips and advice for starting a campus ministry.


Register to be on our Young Adult Leaders List, take part in national Unitarian Universalist leadership and read up on being an ethical leader. Attend an event or training like Multicultural Leadership School, Faith Architects conferences, or plug into our national gathering with Young Adults at General Assembly.


Read up on the Future of Faith, see how the puzzle of young adult ministry pieces together, and see how bridging from youth to young adulthood really works. Check out examples of successful or creative young adult ministry.


Unitarian Universalists believe our communities are stronger when they are multigenerational. Young adults need support from folks of all ages in our UU communities, especially during the many transitions of young adult life. Ensure that young adults feel welcome in your community, make sure there is a place for them there, reach out to emerging adults, find the level of campus ministry that works for you and your congregation, give to a specific young adult ministry project, or support the young adult ministry work of our denomination.

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