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  • 5 Things I Learned in (almost) 5 Years

    Bart Frost led the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries through almost five years of growth and change. In parting he gives us the gift of 5 crucial observations to keep youth and young adult ministry relevant and vital in the future of Unitarian Universalist faith.
    By Bart Frost | 7/24/2019
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  • Should Sleeping Dogs Be Left Lying?

    White Lies, Ep. 2 looks at the trials of Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb's murderers. We hear Dr. King's eulogy for James Reeb, LBJ’s famous speech, and learn how Alabama Attorney General Flowers fought segregation and bias in the Liuzzo jury selection. We also learn the depth and...
    By Bart Frost | 5/24/2019
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  • Exposing Truths of the Murder of Rev. James Reeb

    Think you know the story of Rev. James Reeb, murdered on the streets of Selma, Alabama, answering the call of Martin Luther King to clergy in support of civil rights? We've got more information, and thoughtful questions to deepen awareness and situate Reeb's sacrifice in the...
    By Bart Frost | 5/17/2019
  • What's In A Name?

    For many years, a cohort among us has called themselves “raised UUs”. It’s time to widen the circle.
    By Bart Frost | 4/18/2019
  • A UU Lenten Covenantal Practice

    UU young adult Alex Jensen shares how the tradition of Lent is an opportunity to forge deeper faith, and stronger commitment to living the sources, values, and Principles of Unitarian Universalism everyday of the year.
    By Alex Jensen | 3/8/2019
  • Thinking About Applying for Summer Seminary? Here's a Former Student's Perspective

    Last year, somewhere around this exact time, I applied for Summer Seminary. I remember applying for various reasons: ...
    By Jennica Davis-Hockett | 2/11/2019
  • Dad Jokes and #Squadgoals

    Being able to connect with children and babies is like this weird superpower I have, but its not a really awesome or impressive superpower like flying, laser eyes, being rich, or being able to control sea creatures. Is it just baby charisma or is it something else?
    By Bart Frost | 8/10/2018
  • 123 Faces of Diverse Unitarian Universalism

    The identities of Unitarian Universalism (UU) are becoming more diverse. Cameron Whitten's project captures the voices of 123 diverse UUs, giving is a glimpse of the future of this faith.
    By Ted Resnikoff | 7/10/2018
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  • Hope is Creation is Salvation

    Today so many people I love are mourning the loss of Unitarian Universalist leader Wendi Winters, murdered in the shooting that happened yesterday at the Capital Gazette Office in Annapolis, MD.
    By Annie Gonzalez Milliken | 6/29/2018
  • Victoria Woodhull: 19th Century Women's Equality Activist

    Our knowledge of history defines our understanding of the present. With these posts the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries lifts up our awareness of the history of people of marginalized identity so their actions can influence ours. Meet Victoria Woodhull, the first...
    By Ted Resnikoff | 5/8/2018
  • Why an Expelled Pentecostal Bishop Found a Faith Home in Unitarian Universalism

    Watch the premiere of Come Sunday on Netflix on Friday, April 13. Produced by Ira Glass of This American Life, the story of Pentecostal Bishop Carlton Pearson’s epiphany of inclusion shows what happens when a responsible search for truth and meaning runs into religious dogmatism...
    By Ted Resnikoff | 4/9/2018
  • Bart Reviews Books Episode 3: Powered By Girl

    In this month’s episode, Bart reviews Lyn Mikel Brown’s Powered By Girl. Published by Beacon Press, Powered by Girl explores how young women are embracing activism and are showing up for themselves and their peers. It also serves as a guide for adults who want to support youth...
    By Bart Frost | 3/30/2018
  • The One Big Thing that I Learned @YMLX

    Religious Educator Jamaine Cripe reports from the first ever Youth Ministry Leadership Exchange on the big takeaway anyone interested in successful youth ministry needs to know.
    By Jamaine Cripe | 3/2/2018
  • Bart Reviews "Growing Young"

    The Blue Boat Editorial Board is proud to announce the beginning of a new monthly series, Bart Reviews Books! In this series, Bart will review a series of new and older books related to youth and young adult ministry. Read the first installment today!
    By Bart Frost | 1/26/2018
  • The Pink Sea: Reflections on the Women's March

    As we approach the one year anniversary of the Women's Marches that erupted all over the world immediately following Trump's inauguration, we take a look at the Women's March in D.C. from the perspective of a Unitarian Universalist youth.
    By Emma Prats | 11/3/2017
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  • Young Heretics

    I was reading an article the other day about a school that is like “Christian Hogwarts” and the church that runs it also has a program called Young Saints . I started thinking and wondering, if these young folks are “Young Saints”, then are Unitarian Universalist youth and young...
    By Bart Frost | 10/16/2017
  • Building a Covenant

    “This is the church of the open mind. This is the church of the loving heart. This is the church of the helping hands, where friends come together.” As we finished our opening words, we joined our hands together. It was Sunday morning again, one of my favorite moments in a busy...
    By Kari Gottfried | 10/2/2017
  • Reflections after Thrive Young Adult

    Kaitlin Dey, Thrive Young Adult alumni 2016 and 2017, shared this reflection at her congregation last Sunday. I spent the last 10 days in New Orleans. I attended Thrive Young Adult . Thrive is part of Grow Racial Justice that is for UU young adults of color, we dove deep into...
    By Elizabeth Nguyen | 7/11/2017
  • Start Here

    General Assembly 2017 is almost here! We are so excited that you will be joining us for this incredible experience. Whether you attend every GA Youth Caucus event or come to orientation and then spend the rest of the week exploring the wide range of events, worships and...
    By Ted Resnikoff | 5/22/2017
  • Say Hi to YC Staff

    Meet them here virtually , before you meet them for real in NOLA!
    By Ted Resnikoff | 5/22/2017


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