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So many things about the way we do youth ministry have changed since March 2020. We’ve experimented with new ways of keeping young folks connected to their faith even when we’ve been unable to meet in person, and we’ve emphasized keeping children and youth safe online.

Some borders we thought were firm have faded in terms of who has access to our ministries. I’ve heard of folks from the east coast joining the Bay Area based UU Young Adult Initiative, I’ve known a YA in one state taking a remote communication jobs with a congregation in another state and groups of young folks “church hopping,” watching online services from UU congregations all around the country then having a zoom coffee hour afterwards.

Another really awesome initiative that I’m excited to be part of is a national online network for youth to connect with each other.

Even though there are so many platforms available for young UUs to find each other, there currently isn’t a nexus - a single place where you can count on being able to find other young UUs who are into the same stuff you are and who can introduce you to new ideas and radical possibilities. Well, a small group of folks is working on creating just such a reliable hub of information and connection. And in true UU youth culture fashion (created by youth for youth) they want to make sure there is community input in decision making all along the way and from the very start. Take and share the UUntitled Network Community Survey now!

Before this network has a style or logo or brand or even a name, this working group wants to gather data about the most meaningful types of connections for young people in Unitarian Universalism today. The survey will only be up for a short period of time so please share with the young people in your congregation and beyond as soon as you finish reading this post!

Help us spread the word!

As soon as the survey results are in, this group will launch a name and logo contest so stay tuned!