Build a New Way: Join the GA Youth Caucus Staff
Build a New Way: Join the GA Youth Caucus Staff


Ever thought to yourself,
"I wonder what it's like to run the biggest gathering of Unitarian Universalist youth in the nation..."
Or perhaps,
"I've always wanted to be an integral part of an amazing team of dedicated Unitarian Universalists moving our association forward"
Or even,
"Being on Youth Caucus staff sounds like fun"
Well now is your chance to join the 2015 Youth Caucus staff for General Assembly in Portland, OregonDon't wait! Deadline is December 1st.   Youth AND adult positions available: Youth:  2 Chaplains (1 year terms) 2 Connections Coordinators (1 year terms) 1 Jr. Worship Coordinator (2 year term) 1 Jr. FUN TIMES (business) Manager (2 year term) Adult: 2 Chaplains (1 year terms) 3 Advisors/Sponsor Coordinators (1 year terms) Youth Caucus staff attends the pre-site meeting April 10-12, 2015 and GA June 23-29, 2015. Applicants should be able to commit to these dates. People from anywhere in the country, people with disabilities, people of color, Hispanic/Latino/a and LGBTQ candidates are encouraged to apply. APPLY NOW!

About the Author

  • Jennica has worked in UU religious education and youth ministry since 2008. Since then, she has served as Youth Advisor, Program Coordinator and Religious Education Assistant (First Unitarian Church, Salt Lake), District Youth Ministry Consultant (Mountain Desert), Regional Youth...

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