Deeper Joy

Deeper Joy is for those who are (or want to be) hopeful about the power of whole community engagement with young people at the center.

The Map to Deeper Joy is an evolving compilation of games, songs, activities and practices designed for community builders, activists, educators, and anyone interested in fostering inclusive, multigenerational communities.

The process for bringing Deeper Joy to life is as deeply joyful as the yield. Join us for open creative studios to sing, play and grow this compilation of community building purposes and practices.

Open Studio #3: April 9th, 11:30a ET / 8:30a PT

Map to Deeper Joy

Note: Shannon's title is now Co-Director of Lifespan Faith Engagment and Jennica's title is now Youth and Emerging Adult Ministry Staff. This video is part of the DRE Led Youth Ministry Volunteer Orientation, which can be found on

Bonding Harbor Cliffs of Exclusivity Canyons of Deeper Sharing Covenant Lighthouse Forest of Affirmation Healing Springs Opening Up Beach Stretching River Tepid Bay

Map to Deeper Joy

Click on an area of the map to explore songs, games and activities to help your community move to this area of the map

On the Map to Deeper Joy

Bonding Harbor: The first step in building community is to identify some cohesiveness and a very low stakes sense of contributing to the collective.

Opening Up Beach: When we share low risk or non threatening stuff about ourselves and our lives and feel like we are received, considered and valued our sense of safety increases.

Tepid Bay: Many groups find themselves swirling in lukewarm waters. Members are noncommittal, because they don't feel vital to the group.

Covenant Lighthouse: Like a beacon in rough waters, agreements guide our way.

Stretching River: Trials, problem-solving opportunities and challenges can all bring a group closer to each other.

Healing Springs: when there is hurt or harm, the way we show up for each other matters. Repair, amends and recovery are vital on the journey to deeper joy.

Cliffs of Exclusivity: Watch out for the jagged borders that actively or inadvertently keep others out instead of drawing the circle wider.

Forest of Affirmation: When we value other's experiences, witness their growth and support them in their tender moments our trustworthiness increases.

Canyons of Deeper Sharing: With the right conditions and preparation groups can support each other in the depths and heights of their spiritual growth in ways we cannot do on our own.