Words of Welcome for a Difficult Morning

Be the Love

This welcome was written for a Sunday after a national crisis.

Whether you’re here because worshiping with us is part of your routine or whether you feel like our country has been stopped in its tracks and it’s impossible to return to normalcy, on this morning we gather to proclaim that we belong to one another, and that others belong to us.

Broken hearts are welcome here.
Anxious spirits are welcome here.
Minds whirring faster than a racing engine, uncertain what to think?
Stubborn egos that sometimes trip us up, cementing us to opinions?
Fragile, shell-shocked souls?
Say it with me: they are welcome here —yours, mine, and everyone else’s —
not because this community will fix it through easy solutions or the “right” way forward.  
As a liberal religious congregation, we have something far more fragile, and far more powerful than that:
our need to be together,
our need to reconnect to the life-giving source that moves within and among us,
and our need to make one another a little bit braver and wiser before returning to the service of life.