We Who Bring a Saving Message

a pair of hands, palms facing out, as if raised in praise or invocation

Good morning everyone and welcome to [congregation's name]. My name is {name} and I feel blessed to serve this healing and holy congregation. I'm so glad to see all of you here today on this brand new morning in this brand new world as we gather together in peace.

Thank you for joining us: we who bring a teaching of hope, we who bring a saving message, who welcome all in our doors: the joyful, the heartbroken, atheists and Christians, Muslims and Jews, straight and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; all who are searching, seeking, looking for more: more meaning, more service, more love... all of us gathered here together to walk each other home.

I'd like to welcome any guests we have today. Thank you for taking a chance and taking the time to walk through our doors and join us for worship.

[Necessary announcements]

Thanks again for joining us in worship. Let's begin by... [introduce hymn or next worship component].