These Words Are What We Need

Against a black backdrop, a person's hands reach gracefully toward the sky.

This prayer is for all.
For all who are fearful about the economy; about the fate of our country; health care for yourself or your children.
For all whose heart aches at the injustices being done to others in our name.
For all who fear for the survival of the planet.
For all who fear whether they will be allowed to enter, or to leave, or to remain.

We make this prayer for all who deal daily with failing health, difficult diagnoses, challenging treatments or health care routines.

For all who struggle with difficulties at school or work; for all who are facing hard decisions; for all who are living in challenging relationship.

We make this prayer for ourselves, for all the fears and concerns, the joys and celebrations.
We make this prayer for the children, for their future, and for the every blooming possibilities of spring.
We make this prayer, to hold in our hearts all the precious blessings of our lives.
We make this prayer not because we expect it to make the world turn or change.
We make this prayer to remind ourselves of who we are . . . of what life is . . . and how important love can be.

We make this prayer because these words are what we need.