Prayer for While in The Struggle

A pair of white hands holding a cardboard sign with "BLM" and the Black Lives Matter fist logo.

Spirit of light and love
Spirit of resistance
Spirit of generosity
That which serves as our conscience in this work
That we do to dismantle white supremacy
To empower the marginalized
To insist that black lives matter, matter
We have been angered
We have been saddened
We have been pushed to the brink once more
We are also inspired and seem resolved to do better this time
To not simply get to the other side of this moment
But to get there morally healthier
To get to a safer space for black bodies
Spirit, help us to understand that we each have a role in justice work
For our liberations are tied to one another's
Give us the clarity of mind to know what
our individual part is in the struggle
That there are many ways to protest injustice
Help us to find our way and commit to it
Spirits, we ask for guidance
Send us strength and endurance
Help us to give our all to this
And hold nothing back
For precious lives depend on it
We will be imperfect
Rest assured that we will mess up over and over again
And we must do it anyway.
May we summon the courage to tear down this system of injustice
And get busy creating a “world community with... justice for all.” 
May it be so.