A Prayer for Emanuel Church and the People of Charleston, A Prayer for us All

UUs holding Black Lives Matter banner witness for racial justice in Denver, CO, January 2015.

Dear God of Sorrow and Love—

Are there no places of safety from hate? Are there no sanctuaries from racism? Are there no walls fortified with love that can withstand violence?

We pray this day for the nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston who were senselessly shot down in their house of worship.

We pray for strength for those who have lost their loved ones, have lost their pastor, have lost the sanctity of religious community, have lost their lives.

So much sorrow, pain, and loss. So many tragic and violent acts, one following the next. So much grief.

Please help us to hold hope as a flickering flame. Help us to build solidarity, to witness, to grasp hands, to build courage, to do the right thing in the name of Love.


About the Author

Sarah Lammert

Rev. Sarah Lammert has served congregations in California, Utah, and New Jersey and currently serves at the Unitarian Universalist Association as the Co-Director of Ministries and Faith Development along with her colleague Jessica York....

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