Invocation for City Council Meeting

Holy One, known by many names and beyond all names—Spirit of Life, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Community, Spirit of Justice:

We ask your blessings on the people who have been called to lead the community in which we live and work and play.

Help them as leaders to not ask first “How do we fix this?” but “What do we need to learn?” “How might we need to change?” and “To whom do we need to listen?”.

Remind them, because we all forget from time to time especially in the noisy-ness of what passes for political debate today, that they are not only leaders but also servants and that it is their responsibility and ours to serve the common good of all.

Remind them that, no matter where we live, everyone—gay, straight, transgender, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, or atheist—is our neighbor, our sibling and that throughout the ages prophets have called the leaders of the people to respect and protect the least of those among us—our children, the elderly, the poor, those who are hungry, those who have no homes, those who are ill in body, mind, or spirit, the strangers and immigrants in our midst, those who live on the margins, those who are alone, those who are forgotten.

Grant them and us the wisdom and courage to know and do what is right and good and true. May they and we speak out when it is time to speak out and listen, patiently and receptively, when it is time to listen. May they and we always be guided by the spirit of community, by the spirit of justice, and by the spirit of love.

This we pray in the name of all that we hold sacred and holy—all that we hold good and right and true.

May it be so.