When News Has Been Sad

In a sunlit sanctuary, a person sits in a wooden pew.

You whose hearts are broken, come in.
You whom pain has touched, and sorrow, and shock.
You who have cried this week, and read the news with sadness.
You whom loss has shadowed. You who grieve.
Come in, come in.
You with hearts open to joy and hope, come in.
You whom love has touched, and friendship, and wonder.
You who have laughed this week, and felt gratitude for life’s many blessings.
You to whom gifts are given in abundance. You who rejoice.
Come in, come in.
All our hearts are broken and open.
All of us here grieve and rejoice.
This is our place, and this is our hour
To gather and sing and cry and laugh.
Come in. Let us worship together.