Hope Is Risen

As the spring sun coaxes lilies and bluebonnets from the soil,
Let us celebrate that even after murderous betrayal,
After days and nights suspended in torture,
When all the world has gone dark and we cried out,
“Why have You forsaken me?”—even then,
there is a sunrise.
Even then, there is a resurrection, if we will climb the hill to look for it.
If we will roll away the stone
And recognize the different shapes that Hope can take
To walk among us in the returning light.

Over a rocky ridge, the sun comes up in a golden blaze.

The Easter Story

By Sue Andrews

From WorshipWeb

All the great religions have their stories, and usually a special day that celebrates that story. Today is Easter. Easter and Christmas are the most special days for Christians: on Christmas we tell the story of Jesus being born in the manager; on Easter we tell a story about the end of Jesus’...

The Easter Story