Kindled Concerns

Ours is a spiritual community where we find and forge connection. We trust in the strength of our mutual support, knowing how it has sustained us, day after day, year after year.
Today we hold in the light: _________ and we lift up: _________

Now you are invited to recall the names of persons or places you are holding in your hearts, either as source of concern or cause for celebration.
As you feel moved, please rise in your seat or raise your hand and simply state the names of those persons or places in our shared space:
_________ and _________,
_________ and _________,
_________, etc...

These names have been heard and honored together in this community. Alongside these, we know, are certain joys and sorrows that remain private and unspoken; those too have rightful place here.

May fellow feeling encourage each of us toward ever more compassionate living. This kindled lamp reminds us that here we are kindred souls. We are never alone in the human condition. There is a Love that cares for all.

Abdul Satar Rahimi, the Deputy Director for the Farah Provincial Council, holds his prayer beads during a ribbon cutting ceremony March 8, 2010, Farah, Afghanistan.
Two participants in the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Voting Rights campaign hold their raised hands in prayer.