Meditation on Hands

I invite you into a space of quiet and peace, to ground yourself by noticing your contact with chair and floor, by sitting straight, by becoming aware of your breathing.

Look at your hands. They've been through a lot, those hands...they have strengths, scars, beauty...I invite you to remember that it is your hands that do the work of love in the world.

These hands may hold another's hands.

These hands may type emails to politicians, sign cards of consolation and congratulation.

These hands may patiently teach, quilt works of beauty or write words urging peace.

These hands may bathe children, feed elders, nurse the ill, work the earth, organize communities.

These hands clasp in prayer, open in release, grasp in solidarity, clench in righteous anger.

These hands are God's hands, your hands, our hands; a great mystery of flesh and intention, a great potential of embodied love.

(Continue in silence.)

a small child's hands, clasped, with patches of red, yellow, and blue paint
Two hands gracefully reach upward, palms open and fingers relaxed