O Source of life and love

O Source of life and love,

Torn by desires to sit back
and to enjoy the beauty of the world—
to savor the blue skies and gentle days—
and by desires to recast the world and to fight its evils—
to save the world...

Torn by all those things that hurt and confuse
and make no sense amid beauty—
yet supported by all those things that heal and hold us—
smiles, kisses, mountain vistas
and gentle waves, warm words...

We live in mystery.

We live torn apart at times --
so much glory --
so much pain.

We live in faith --
faith in ourselves and each other --
faith that we can create bonds of the spirit
that proclaim we are not alone.
We have much health within us --
we can live through the heartache to new life.

So, for the grace of the world
and all the tumble, too,
this day we give thanks. Amen.