The Promise and the Practice: Chalice Lighting #2
The Promise and the Practice: Chalice Lighting #2
Chalice Lighting

We kindle a flame of power, illuminating the Holy in each of our faces.
We recognize in the flame a passionate commitment to our shared faith.
We are held and carried from day to day, week to week, in the shining of the light.
This flame is mine, as well as yours.
We are brought together on this day, called to growth, to expansion, within its glow.
What does your heart know while beholding this holy fire?



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  • Adrian L. H. Graham is a member of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore and a lover of human culture, especially as manifested through food, music, language, and religious expression. Considering himself a “Uvangelist,” he has served as Director of Communication & Membership at the...

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