Chalice Lighting in Times of Conflict

Against gray leaves, a chalice of green stems and a "flame" of red leaves

Reader One: You who feel your heart is breaking, come in.
Reader Two: You who are confused and wondering. Come in.
Reader Three: You who are angry, in pain, or not wanting to be here. Come in.
Reader Four: You who are hopeful and energized. Come in.

Leader: Come into this community of your heart where you have been held in love and in comfort; where you have shared your joy and your spirit; where you have asked questions because you felt they needed asking; where you have found friendship and companions; where you have sometimes not agreed—and sometimes not felt comforted, and sometimes not felt heard.

Reader one: Bring your broken heart and your grief. Share them.
Reader two: Bring your confusion and your questions. Share them.
Reader three: Bring your anger and your pain. Share them.
Reader four: Bring your hope and your energy. Share them.

Leader: For here in this place, we can be together. We can gather in all the conflicting emotions tumbling around in our heads and our hearts. We bring them together here, and lay them on the altar of community. For community means that fragile, not-perfect human beings can come together in the name of peace and seek to find peace again.

Reader one: Peace!
Reader two: Hope!
Reader three: Healing!
Reader four: May it be so.