We Cannot Extinguish the Love
We Cannot Extinguish the Love
Chalice Extinguishing

We have come to share the loss we have felt in (Name) passing and some examples of the joy we carry from her/his/their* life. This we have done. But before we extinguish this chalice, let us acknowledge that we will not – that we cannot – extinguish the love she/he/they showed us; or the memory of her/him/them; or the love we carry forward.  

This congregation and many other lives have absorbed so much light from (Name). This congregation will continue to reflect that light into the lives of the people who enter our doors – even those who come years from now. 

M ay we always be able to see that light as it is reflected in all we do. And remember. And smile, knowing her/his/their light is shining from us too.

*Adjust pronouns as appropriate.

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