Got Room for Love?

A small child, back to the camera, wearing a handmade crocheted blue backpack with a large sunflower on it.

We carry bags with us throughout the week for many reasons. (If you have a bag with you, and you want to have it blessed, please bring it forward, send it forward with a helper, or lift up your bag when you hear me describe you.)

  • Some of us take books and homework to school
  • Some of us bring our lunches to school or to work
  • Some of us take computers and other supplies to the places where we work
  • Some kids carry overnight bags from one parent's house to their other parent's house, and back again
  • Some people bring things like books or yarn and knitting needles to places where they might need to wait patiently
  • ...and some people even have special bags for their dogs (and other animals)!

[By now, there should be a crowd up front and/or people lifting their bags from their seats.]

Are your bags already full of things? [You'll likely hear some "no" replies.] Do you imagine that it might get full one day? Maybe. For this blessing, then, we're going to add something to your bag —but don't worry! It won't add any weight, and it won't take up any room.

Would any of you like to have some of our congregation's love to take with you to school, or to work, or on your travels? If you feel love here on Sundays, wouldn’t you like to know that our love is with you on the other days?

[To the congregation:] Let's do that. Please bundle some love up from wherever you're storing it [you might rummage through your pockets or look up your sleeves] and make a nice little pillow of love [use your hands, as if making an invisible snowball] and... are you ready? Those of you with your bags, make sure they're open and hold them up to catch the love!

That was fun, so let's add some more to your bags. Sometimes we get nervous when we go to school or work. Sometimes we wish we felt braver. I think it would be nice to know that our courage is with you on other days when you need it.

[Again, invite the congregation to "pull out" some courage, to pat it into a "bundle," and then to gently toss it toward's someone's open bag.]

What do you wish we could put in your bag, to take with you? Name it, and we’ll take it from our heart-supply, and we’ll toss it into your bag!

[Once or twice more, ask those with bags what they'd like to carry with them. Feel free to combine requests, like "peace and joy." When you're done:]

Your bag might not look any different or feel any different, but the next time you use your bag I hope you'll remember that we've added our blessings. Remember that:

  1. the Spirit of Life is with you at school (or at work)
  2. this congregation cares about what happens to you at school (or work)
  3. if you need more love or courage, you can ask us for more.