Blessing of the Bikes

On a sunny street, a dozen helmeted bicyclists ride with smiles on their face

Spirit of life and of love, Mystery that connects us all,
We give thanks for this day
For this gathering of bicyclists (and those who support them)—strong and vibrant.

On this day, as they set out on their ride,
we pray that they will be safe.

On this day, as they set out on their journey,
we pray that they will take the time to lift their heads
and take in the beauty of the world, even as they whizz by it.

May your helmets stay clipped for protection of your magnificent mind.
May your tires stay full and may your spirits be filled with hope and love today.
May you feel the freedom of the bike, the freedom to journey together,
and the freedom in connecting to your deeper self.

And, most of all, may you have lots and lots of fun!
We ask these things in the name of all that is holy, and good, and true.
Amen. Blessed be.