Congregational Loans Policy: UUA Governance Manual Appendix 2.A

The President is authorized to make loans, issue loan guarantees, and make grants to congregations seeking to buy land for a new building, to build a new building, or to make major improvements to an existing building.

The President shall establish all terms of these programs, subject to the restrictions stated in this policy.

The President shall report to the Board of Trustees annually on these programs.


The maximum amount of that may be loaned to any congregation is $900,000.

Loan Guarantees

The maximum amount of any loan guarantee is the smaller of $450,000 and 50% of the principal amount of the loan being guaranteed.


In any fiscal year, the President shall not expend more money for building grants than the total amount specified in the UUA [Unitarian Universalist Association] annual operating budget for this purpose.

Sources of Funds

The President may use the following funds for the loan, loan guarantee, and grant programs:

  • Payments of interest and principal by congregations on existing or future loans
  • Money contributed in the past or future to the New Places of Worship fund, including earnings on this fund
  • Borrowings on a bank line of credit of not more than $6,000,000
  • Other assets held by the Treasurer in the Congregational Properties and Loan segment of the UUA's accounts as of the date of adoption of this policy. The funding sources listed above may be used for administrative costs of the programs, subject to approval in the UUA annual operating budget.

Terms of Loans

The President shall develop and consistently apply policies to assure that loans:

  • are granted without prejudice for or against any congregation,
  • have security adequate to protect the Association's financial interests,
  • carry an interest rate that provides a reasonable return on the Association's funds, and
  • are granted only for projects that are affordable by the congregation.