Running by Petition for UUA Elected Positions

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws provide for nomination of elected positions by two procedures:

Nomination by the Committee Petition: To run by petition, UUA bylaw 9.6 states:

  1. For Moderator and President. A nomination for the office of Moderator or President, for a regular or special election, may be by petition signed by no fewer than fifty certified member congregations, including one congregation from three of the regions of the Association. A certified member congregation may authorize the signing of a petition only by vote of its governing board or by vote at a duly called meeting of its members. Such a petition shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association, only in such form as the Secretary may prescribe, not later than February 1 of the year of the election and not earlier than the preceding March 1.
  2. For Other Elective Positions. A nomination for any elective position, for a regular or special election, may be by petition signed by not less than fifty members of certified member congregations, with no more than ten signatures of members of any one congregation counted toward the required fifty. A separate petition, in form prescribed by the Secretary, shall be filed for each nomination not later than May 1 of the year of the election and not earlier than the preceding October 1. A petition for nomination to the Board of Trustees must designate the position number for which the person is being nominated.

To run by petition a candidate must:

  • Be a voting member of a Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation.
  • Secure signatures of at least 50 members of certified UU congregations with no more than 10 from any single congregation.
  • File requisite papers with the UUA Secretary by May 1 of an election year.