Charge to the Unitarian Universalist Association Employee Benefits Trustees

Established by Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees, October 22, 2006

Charge adopted: March 20, 2007


The UUA Employee Benefits Trust was established by vote of the UUA Board of Trustees on October 22, 2006, for the purpose of operating a self-funded health insurance plan for the staffs of Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations, the UUA headquarters and field staffs, plus other eligible persons.

Initial Action

On October 22, 2006, UUA Treasurer Tim Brennan was appointed as temporary Trustee and empowered to sign documents with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, open bank accounts, and take other actions necessary for implementation of the Plan on January 1, 2007.

The UUA Employee BenefitsTrust will have seven Trustees: the UUA Treasurer and UUA Financial Advisor; and five regular trustees appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees.


The responsibilities of the UUA Employee Benefits Trustees are to make policy decisions for the Health Plan and provide oversight of Plan activities, including

  • determining the third party administrator and other vendors that will work for or support the Trust on a fee for service basis
  • approving contracts with vendors that are signed by the UUA Treasurer in his/her capacity as a UUA Employee Benefits Trustee
  • assuring that the Health Plan Director and other persons hired for administrative purposes carry out their duties in a professional manner
  • approving any changes in benefits or rates proposed by the Health Plan Director
  • undertaking periodic reviews of the Trust's financial performance, funding safeguards, and stop-loss insurance protection
  • providing timely reports to the UUA Board of Trustees on the numbers of enrollees, claims experience, and the financial condition of the Plan
  • authorizing a claims review committee (which may include Trustees) for purposes of reviewing and authorizing or denying payment of claims that have been initially denied by the third party administrator
  • assuring that funds collected by the Trust for the payment of claims, insurance premiums, administrative expenses, and other bona fide expenses are not co-mingled with operating funds of the UUA
  • authorizing reimbursement from the Trust to the UUA for expenses which it incurs in administering the Trust including but not limited to payroll and expenses of the Director and/or other UUA staff whose work is dedicated to Trust activities


Seven individuals appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees, who shall meet as necessary, but no less than annually, and who shall include:

  • The UUA Treasurer
  • The UUA Financial Advisor
  • Five other persons, each of whom shall be a member of a UU congregation

Term: For regular members, two years, normally beginning January 1, with reappointment allowed three times for a maximum of eight years. The Treasurer and Financial Advisor serve ex officio.

Qualifications: Experience in insurance and/or other financial, human resources, or health-related professions that will contribute to an informed background