RE-sources: Call and Response: Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development

Threshold Conversations: Coming of Age

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The Opening Panel

and question and answer session for Threshold Conversations on UU Coming of Age with panelists: 
Tracy Breneman, Director of Religious Exploration and Faith Development serving Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains, NY
Tie Resendiz de Perez, Former Teenager, Director of Children's Ministry at the Hottest Congregation in U.S.
Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd, CRE–LL, Executive Minister of Religious Education at First Unitarian Church of Honolulu 
Meagan Henry, Assistant Minister at First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn

View the panel discussion and live Q&A session (Vimeo, 2hrs).

JUUst Breathe Podcasts

JUUst Breathe Season 3 logo: headphones around "JUUst Breathe" with a sound bar background and "JUUst Breathe Threshold Conversations Meaning Making for the Future of UU Faith Formation"

We talk about it all, including how Unitarian Universalism is in its own adolescent coming-of-age moment.Give Season 3 Episode 1 a listen

Featuring: Rev Dr Gregory Carrow Boyd, Cameron Young, Rev Leia Durland Jones

Season 3 Episode 2 Meet religious educators Dana Lundquist, Marena McGregor, and Rev Sierra Marie Gerfao. All three grew up UU, with two of the three participating in COA as youth, while all three now teach COA in their present congregational roles.

Interview of Jessica York

Picture of Jessica York, Director of Congregational Life, smiling in front of a park bench

Director of Congregational Life, UUA

with Joy Berry

"Our youth felt like they were the one and only. ... as we visited other congregations they began to see there are other Unitarian Universalists out there."

"Don't underestimate the power of fun."

Interview of Tie Resendiz

Smiling human with glasses

de Perez Coming Soon 

Director of Children’s Ministry, UU Congregation of Phoenix

with Joy Berry

"There are almost zero kids that age who in their daily life someone is sitting down with them and saying, 'Your spirituality is important, and do we want to get there...'"

A Talk with Current Coming of Agers

5 youth lounging toward the camera on a bright sunny rock

"You have to go through the crucible a lot of times, but you always do come out" - Forrest Pullye

Thank you UU Fellowship of Raleigh, NC youth Charlie Pine, Archer McCoy, Forrest Pullye, Luke McCay and DRE Dana Lundquist of Raleigh talk with LFEer Eric Bliss about their current Coming of Age program.

"At the end of the day there is no point in our life where we stop changing where we stop developing and stop getting new beliefs." - Archer McCoy

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