This list includes every page tagged with "Acceptance."

  • By Lindasusan Ulrich
    From Braver/Wiser
    We have so many opportunities to bless each other in this world, but they don’t always announce themselves as moments of profound transformation.
  • By Karen G. Johnston
    From Braver/Wiser
    Surround yourself with skillful teachers. Let them teach you, but don't let them do it for you. That learning is yours to do.
  • By Amanda Schuber
    From WorshipWeb
    May we never forget the courage it takes to lead the way forward.
  • By Art Nava
    From Uplift
    Side With Love Against Hate: A Post-Straight Pride Reflection “Let’s continue to turn our backs on hatred, using our voices to continue spreading the message of love.” - Mayor Marty Walsh
  • By Monica Dobbins
    From Braver/Wiser
    Sometimes grief sends notice ahead of time; sometimes, it shows up as an unwelcome, uninvited guest.
  • By Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt
    From WorshipWeb
    The tangled things will always be here, in this moment I am living through, right now, whatever comes after.
  • By Susan Verde, Peter Reynolds
  • By Kai Cheng Thom, Kai Yun Ching, Wai-Yant Li
    Captivating, beautifully imagined picture book about gender, identity, and the acceptance of the differences between us
  • By Afsaneh Moradian, Maria Bogade
  • By Helen Rose
    From WorshipWeb
    Blessed are the queer: living, breathing, sacred reflections of Divine Love.