The Be-Attitudes

At a Pride celebration, people in various rainbow clothing joyfully gather while a few people splash through a public fountain.

blessed are the gender outlaws
those born with violence on the horizon
and those who narrowly, purposefully avoid it through
restricted movements and lost opportunities
Blessed are those who are murdered, those who are killed, and those who are so abused that they leave this world far too early
for you have lived your truth boldly
and your life and memory are your testament
however brief and brilliant you lived on this earth

blessed are the ones who are themselves
despite danger. The price you pay for authenticity
is dwarfed by the confidence of your honesty.
blessed are the flawed
meaning blessed are all of us
who make mistakes, try faithfully to correct our missteps, and to
be persons of integrity in this challenging world.
we do our best, we miss relationships, and we build glimmering
castles with our friends and our other loved ones in this
place where cement stacks itself upon the earth.

blessed are the allies, the understanding, those who find the
best in us and others
for you will be embraced by many who will love you, 
for you are beloved by all of us.
blessed are the family who change
who do their best to understand
who keep their perspective but widen it to include others
who have surprised you
for love is your song and you are fully loved in turn
blessed are the strivers, the wanters, the creatives and all of us who just try to be good people in our communities and relationships
we shall build the land that we are now working on
blessed are all, for all strive, all work, and all want of something
blessed are all of us
for all that we call Holy loves us back;
may we live in love and share it with all among and beyond us.

Author's note: While this piece begins specific, it goes to encompass all who are touched by the brilliance of transgender lives. It's like something that I believe that Jesus might have preached if he were alive today because he blessed/uplifted the most marginalized on the margins.