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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Inclusion.

  • Prayer Tdor2020

    Susan Frederick-Gray

    From Uplift
    Violence and compound oppressions are taking the lives of beautiful loved ones from their families and their communities.
  • Widening the Circle - Action Map
    Map of UU congregations and communities engaging with the Widening the Circle of Concern report.
  • Study/Action Guide for Widening the Circle
    Study/Action Guide for Widening the Circle of Concern report
  • Widening the Circle
    We’re excited to announce the release of a Study/Action Guide to the Widening the Circle of Concern report!
  • Commission on Institutional Change’s final report is a critical waypoint, not the end of the journey

    Jessica York, Carey McDonald, Janice Marie Johnson

    From UU news
    Letter from the UUA administration.
  • Minding the Gap

    Yuri Yamamoto

    As I grew up, I picked up my parents’ attitude that there was not much to learn from popular culture.
  • Faith in Action: Seeking Voices from the Margins
    From Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition
    Ask yourself what groups, constituencies, or individuals in your congregation might consider themselves to be “on the margins.” Compare your reflections with those of other congregational leaders. Together, consider the voices that may be missing or muted as your congregation makes decisions about direction.
  • Activity 4: The Margin, the Center
    From Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition
    Invite participants to remember the experiences they shared, earlier in the workshop, of mattering and of being marginalized. Ask: “What do your experiences suggest about the importance of leaders attending to both the culture of their meetings and the culture of their congregation?”
  • You Matter

    Christian Robinson, Christian Robinson

    Sensitive and impactful picture book about seeing the world from different points of view by Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Honoree Christian Robinson.

  • When You Have More Than Enough

    Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt

    From WorshipWeb
    Once upon a time there was a family. Maybe this family had not quite enough to eat. Or maybe they had just about enough. Or … perhaps they had MORE than...

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