Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth


Part of Virtue Ethics

The curriculum design is modular. You can provide the series of workshops in sequence or offer stand-alone workshops. In the recurring activity, Practice, the youth create an anklet. You will want to revise or delete this activity if you are doing only a few workshops.

The full series includes twelve 90-minute workshops. There are also many wonderful alternate activities that offer more depth and different approaches. If your program meets more than twelve times, you can spread some of the workshops across multiple sessions and use more of the alternate activities. You can also use the Virtue Ethics workshop template to plan new workshops on any abstract concept. You might choose another virtue. Or, choose a value (e.g., the work ethic), or a feeling (jealousy). Modify "Up Side, Down Side," "Two Sides to Every Virtue," or "Ideal vs, Reality" to help youth examine the concept. Then, find a story to share and discuss that demonstrates the concept. Follow the story with hypothetical situations relevant to youth ("Dilemmas"). Add "Real Life Challenges" and "Practice," and you have a new workshop.

At the end of the Introduction, you will find feedback forms for leaders and participants. Asking youth to submit feedback builds leadership skills. By giving your feedback, you directly influence faith development resources for the entire Association. All feedback is read and deeply appreciated.