Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Miracles: A Multigenerational Program on Living in Awe and Wonder

Spiritual Preparation

Part of Miracles

Set aside five minutes before the session. Reflect on the ways you have changed during your life. Which changes have happened to you? Which have you intentionally made?

Think of an important change you made inside yourself, for the better. How did you do it? Can you identify a combination of love, faith, and determination in the transformation you made?

When something amazing and beautiful happens on the inside, it may not only show on the outside, but can have a positive effect on the world beyond. Consider this quotation from Thomas Edison:

If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

Today you will invite the group to dream about difficult personal transformations they or someone in their life might miraculously make. Some children may recognize traits they might wish to change—for example, fear, a lack of confidence, a tendency to gossip. Others will find it easier to identify others who need a miraculous transformation. Someone who harms, saddens, or threatens a child might come to their minds—for example, a bully at school, a parent too busy to play a game, an adult who shows a frightening rage. Prepare yourself to create a safe atmosphere for children to acknowledge painful situations that call for a miracle of personal transformation. Get ready to support children to dream how their own love, faith, and determination can make such a miracle occur.