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See a good resource for cooperative games on the Learning for Life website.

The community garden is just one of the Green Sanctuary projects taken on by the people of the First Unitarian Church of St Louis. Other projects include:

  • Spiritual meditation tours in different gardens in the area
  • A Memorial garden
  • Worship services focusing on sustainability and on celebrating the changes of the seasons
  • Eating locally grown food at congregation events
  • Adult religious education classes on living simply
  • An environmental movie series
  • Winterizing homes in the community to reduce energy use and costs
  • Using non-toxic cleaning products in congregational buildings
  • Providing information after worship services about green practices
  • Helping people organize carpools.
  • Learn more about the Greenbelt Movement and the work of Wangari Maathai.

Founded in 1977, the Green Belt Movement (GBM) has planted over 47 million trees in Kenya. GBM works at the grassroots, national, and international levels to promote environmental conservation; to build climate resilience and empower communities, especially women and girls; to foster democratic space and sustainable livelihoods.