Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Wonderful Welcome: A Program for Children Grades K-1

Alternate Activity 1: Make A Unique Creature

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Modeling dough in various colors
  • Optional: Construction paper and/or plain paper plates, and markers

Preparation for Activity

  • Set modeling clay on work tables.
  • Optional: Arrange to display the children's unique creatures on a table in your meeting room or in a common area of the congregation.

Description of Activity

Invite children to use the modeling dough to create an animal with parts that are useful. Tell them their creature can be a real animal, but doesn't have to be. It can be a creation of their imagination.

Walk around and ask each child what their creature is called and how it functions. You may wish to give each child a sheet of construction paper and/or a paper plate to display or transport their creation. Encourage the children to invent names for their creatures and help them write the names on the construction paper or paper plate. Invite volunteers to share about their unique creatures.