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Activity 3: Duct Tape Lunch Bag

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • A copy of the leader resource 1, Duct Tape Lunch Bag
  • Brown paper lunch bags for all participants, plus a few extra
  • Variety of colors of duct tape
  • Scissors (including left-handed scissors)
  • Optional: Tools and materials for embellishment, such as stickers, permanent markers, extra pieces of colored duct tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Purchase duct tape in colors. (The Duck Tape brand comes in 20 colors.) Each bag will need eleven 12-inch strips of tape to cover with vertical strips.

Description of Activity

As they make their own reusable lunch bags with duct tape, participants gain a hands-on experience with flexibility.

Distribute a lunch bag to each participant and provide a variety of colors of duct tape and several pair of scissors at worktables. Invite participants to lay duct tape horizontally, vertically or diagonally to cover the paper bag with tape. The leader resource, Duct Tape Lunch Bag, gives step-by-step instructions. You may also wish to tell participants:

  • Overlapping the strips will make the bag strong and water-resistant.
  • Laying the tape vertically will help make the bag easy to fold.
  • They can use more duct tape, or stickers, to patch open areas after they are done.