Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Moral Tales: A Program on Making Choices for Grades 2-3


Part of Moral Tales

Activity time: 3 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Optional: One copy of Singing the Journey, supplement to the Unitarian Universalist hymnbook Singing the Living Tradition
  • Optional: Music CD or tape, and music player
  • Optional: A guitar, piano or other instrument

Preparation for Activity

  • Write the words of "As We Leave This Friendly Place," Hymn 414 in Singing the Living Tradition, on newsprint and place it where the children will be able to see it during the Closing.
  • Look at the song in advance. If it is unfamiliar to you and you do not read music, consider asking your music director to teach it to you. Or, invite a musical volunteer to join the group for the Closing and lead the song with you.

Description of Activity

This activity helps the children get used to practicing a closing ritual as a way of affirming their part in the faith community. Gather the group in a circle. Thank the children for participating and sharing their stories and ideas today. Tell them something that you liked about the way they worked together as a community.

Lead the children in singing "As We Leave This Friendly Place," Hymn 414 in Singing the Living Tradition. The song's lyrics are:

As we leave this friendly place,

Love give light to every face;

May the kindness which we learn

Light our hearts till we return.

Remind the children to collect their Gems of Goodness notebooks, and make sure they each have a Gems of Goodness Project Letter to Parents (Leader Resource). Distribute the Taking It Home story you have prepared.

You may say:

Pay attention to your inner voice until we meet next time. See if your conscience helps you make choices to be kind and fair to other people and to other living beings. Remember, next time you will have a chance to add more gems to the "Gems of Goodness" jar, for each act of goodness or justice you did or saw.

Thank and dismiss the children.