Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Sing to the Power: A Social Justice Program for Children Grades 4-5

Leader Resource 1: Bullying Scenarios

Scenario 1

RICK: What do you think of that new kid in class?

GREG: He seems kind of weird.

JOSH: Yeah, I mean, what kind of a name is Harvinder?

GREG: A weird name.

RICK: And what's up with that funny topknot turban he wears on his head? Does he ever take it off? Like, does he leave it on in the shower?

JOSH: Probably not, and that's why he smells funny.

RICK: Well, I think we should just go over there and pull that turban thingy off him. Let him try looking like a normal person for once.

GREG and JOSH: Yeah... .

Scenario 2

HANNAH: (looking at her cell phone) Look! Look! I just got the funniest text! Athena just sent me a picture she took of Katie at the drinking fountain with her big butt sticking out. You can totally see her underwear and everything.

ALIYAH: Show me! Oh no, that's too funny! Text it to me, I want to send it to Jessica.

JASMINE: Yeah, and send it to me too. I can get my sister to put it on her Facebook page. What should she write to go with it?

HANNAH: How about "Caution: Wide Load?"

ALIYAH: That's perfect. Or maybe "Hippo Crossing."

JASMINE: I know, I'll have her put both of those up, and tell people to repost to their own pages with their own captions. The whole middle school will do it.

Scenario 3

CHRIS: Did you hear that Justin is taking ballet?

LONDON: That's so totally gay! What's he gonna do, prance around on his tippy toes?

SARAH: We should have him do his dance steps for everybody in the cafeteria.

CHRIS: Somehow, I don't think even Justin is gay enough to do that.

LONDON: Oh, I bet we could make him do it. Or we could just dance all faggy around his table at lunch time and ask real loud if that's what he does in dance class.

SARAH: You're on. We'll catch him at lunch today. This is gonna be funny.